W995 Best Price

June 12, 2009

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (is that even possible?) you can’t have failed to notice the launch of the latest Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

The W995 is the latest in the award-winning range of Walkman phones from Sony. Featuring an awesome 8.1MP camera (crumbs! that’s twice as much as my “proper” digital camera) and WiFi/3G High Speed internet options there’s not much this mobile can’t do.

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Due for release in the middle of June, the W995 is one of, if not the best mobiles out there. If you have owned a Sony Ericsson phone in the past you know that UI is the best out there (despite what the Nokia lovers state!) and with a massive 8GB of memory on board you can load if full of your favourite multimedia (and you can add an additional memory stick if you require more space!).

It’s not just music, photos and videos with the W995 though, it also boasts incredible integration with your favourite Internet apps, including YouTube and iPlayer!

Couple that with new improved software for copying stuff between your PC and your mobile and you are onto a winner!

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