RothDock – The Best iPhone Dock?

June 2, 2009

Roth Dock picture

iPhone docks? We’ve all had them, maybe you even have more than a few littering your house.

Whether they be standalone chargers (boring!) or docks that come with built-in speakers (that typically sound like a pea and a bee having a fight in in a tin can) the quest for the ultimate iPhone dock seems neverending (a-ha-a-ha-haha – that’s one for the 80s fans).

Enter the RothDock, by Roth Audio. Yeah yeah, what’s so special about this baby?

OK, it does the usual charging nonsense, take that as read, but what makes the RothDock stand out is its ability to stream the tunes on your iPhone/iPod touch around your house using 2.4Ghz technology, which apparently, is Da Best.

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See – it does away with having crappy integrated speakers, instead you can hook up a small receiver to your existing hi-fi (you remember, that giant black separates system you bought in the 90s with your first pay cheque) and off you go, easy-peasy music streaming for you (with the added bonus of a remote control thrown in) all booming out of those expensive Mission speakers you invested in before the advent of iMockYourLegacyHifi players.

Well, now you can get your own back. Prepare to dust the cobwebs off your leviathan hi-fi, attach the receiver, and blast out a tune to announce the marriage of old and new audio to your neighbours (my recommendation, ‘Iron Man’ by Black Sabbath :-p ).

Don’t take my word for it, the gadget and lads mags magazines are having a love-in with this dock at the moment, Roth themselves seem particularly fond of the “Simple and Brilliant” quote from Stuff magazine and highlight it frequently it across their promotional bumph.

Oh – another thing worth mentioning is that the RothDock isn’t just limited to iPhone/iPod streaming, you can plug in any most any mobile phone or MP3 player (or other audio device) and take advantage of music streaming in seconds.

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