Roberts Stream 83i Radio

December 1, 2009


If Darth Vader wanted a convenient Internet radio for the kitchen, the new Roberts Stream 83i Radio would be just the fit.

Looking like a discarded fragment of the Deathstar (a good thing!), the Roberts 83i Radio could well the king of Internet radios.

Featuring RM RDS, DAB and WiFi functionality, you can get over 10,000 crazy radio stations at a touch of a (gloriously chunky!) button.

Best of all, it can stream! . Meaning it will conjure up music to match your tastes, and evolve as you mature from your Emo phase of listeining to Joy Division to finally embracing the pop wonder of Girls Aloud.

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You can save ten of your favourite stations onto the onboard memory – and if you get bored of radio stations you can hook up music via the USB socket.

It’s a tough call between this and the new Pure Sensia radio – the Sensia looks like one for young, trendy types, where the Stream 83i targets more of the old curmudgeon crowd, who like a radio to look like a radio.

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