Pure Sensia Radio Best Price

November 4, 2009

Pure Sensia Radio

All we want to hear with the release of the Pure Sensia Radio is radio ga-ga, radio goo-goo!

Never mind the cult Yank hit known as the Chumby – this is Britain’s answer and it wipes the floor with it in every way possible!

Featuring a luxurious 5.7″ touch-screen, the Pure Sensia mashes up traditional radio players with the Internet via WiFi, meaning that as well as grooving along in your kitchen or bedroom to the radiio station of your choice you can also access (via custom Sensia Apps) information from the Internet, such as keeping up with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, or even more mundane activities such as weather and news.

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The Pure Sensia internet radio doesn’t forget it’s a radio at heart though, and those guys from Pure sure know how to make a great sounding system. Throw in DAB, Internet and FM radio stations and you will be hard pressed not to find a station to match your mood (Pure claim there’s over 12,000 stations available!).

If you do manage to get bored of the radio stations, you can still attach your iPod with an optional iPod Dock.

Pure knows their target audience is likely to be bedrooms and kitchens, so standard alarm functionality such as snoozing and sleeping are a given. There’s also a kitschy kitchen timer just in case you get carried away singing along to the tunes whilst rustling up the evening meal.

Available in funky colours red, yellow, black and white, the Pure Sensia will is a great unobtrusive ‘window’ to the world. Once you’ve had it for a few weeks you will find yourself wondering how you lived without it!

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