Netgear EVA9150 Best Price

June 1, 2009

Netgear EVA9150

You already know we’re big fans of Netgear’s EVA8000 so news of the release of an updated model, the EVA9150 has already got us making space in the AV cabinet!

As media tanks go, the Netgear EVA9150 is a pretty expensive solution, but you do get a lot of technology with a very small foot print.

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With integrated 802.11n wireless networking built-in wireless HD streaming of your content now becomes a reality, even better, the EVA9150 comes with a HDMI connection so you can connect it up to your living room TV with ease.

This time around the EVA9150 is Mac and PC compatible, with software that is easy to setup, and will detect media for sharing.

Style wise, the EVA9150 makes no attempt at being ‘cutesy’ – this is a serious bit of kit…and it knows it.

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