iPod Nano Beater – the iRiver B30

November 30, 2009

iRiver B30 DAB/MP3 Player

Believe it or not, the iPod is not the only MP3 player out there.

Sure, Apple may have the hype machine firmly under it’s control, but let’s not forget there’s a whole slew of companies producing damn fine alternatives (such as our personal fave, the Cowon S9.

And when one, such as the iRiver B30 wins a group test of MP3 players on Channel Five’s Gadget Show we start to sit up and take notice.

Pitched as a contender to the recently revised Nano, the iRiver B30 certainly has a lot to live up to – and it certainly does that and a whole lot more.

The headline feature of the iRiver B30 has to be it’s adoption of DAB+ radio – already popular in Europe, DAB+ is expected to make serious inroads into the UK soon. In the meantime, you can listen to tunes via the excellent built-in FM radio.

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iRiver User Interface

Audio wise the B30 will play almost anything you can throw at it, including WMA, OGG (rejoice Linux users!) and AAC. But it’s not just music – this player will also play videos, including MP3, AVI and WMV without breaking into a sweat.

Featuring a modern and chic user interface, the B30 is a great alternative to the iPod and is available to buy now (in either 8GB or 16GB capacities) if you are looking for something different (and a bit better) than an iPod – or if you just want to Think Really Different.

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