Half-Price PoGo Photo Printer

May 14, 2009

PoGo Instant Photo Printer

Are you sick of sifting through all your precious photos on your mobile?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a proper old school piccy for once? Free all of those trapped pictures with the Polaroid PoGo instant photo printer!

Send them via Bluetooth for mobile phones, or a USB cable for Pict-Bridge compatible cameras. In under 60 seconds you will have a physical copy of your photo printed on especially cool sticky back photo paper, enabling you to plaster your photo’s wherever you please.

At only 12cm long it’ll easily fit in your pocket, meaning you can carry your very own photo lab around with you wherever you go.

Firebox are currently selling the PoGo at 50% off the regular retail price, only £49.95. Due to the popularity of this offer it’s currently out of stock, however orders are being taken at the offer price and stock are due in next week.

Hurry and grab yourself a bargain. Happy snapping!

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