Foxsat HDR Best Price

May 11, 2009

Humax Foxsat HDR Recorder

Sick of paying your monthly Sky tax? Or just want to finally feed some quality HD content into that giant LCD you recently purchased?

Dude – you need a Humax Foxsat HDR!

With this baby you can watch HD channels from the likes of the BBC and ITV without lining Mr. Murdoch’s pockets each month.

What’s more, you get all the benefits of Sky+/Tivo type functionality, allowing you to record around 160 hours of TV on the massive 320GB hard disk drive, and yes, you can even record two live channels simultaneously whilst you watch something from your library of saved programmes.

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If you already have Sky installed, or a dish from a previous owner on your house, installation is a doddle, just hook up the old Sky cables to your shiny new Foxsat box and your good to go. Otherwise, you will need to get a dish from an independent satellite installer, which is a bit of a PITA but worth it considering the money you could save if you go the Freesat route.

Remember, with Freesat there’s no contract or subscription required, it really is a plug’n'play replacement for Sky+HD and you would be surprised at the number of channels you get for free via Freesat/Freeview. If you can go without your sport or movies packages (for which you can visit pubs or go to the cinema respectively anyway) then this makes great sense if you are looking to save some monthly moolah.

As a final nice touch, the Foxsat HDR Freesat HD box comes supplied with a HDMI cable for easy hook-up to your LCD or Plasma. Job’s a good ‘un :-)

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