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December 8, 2009


After a long wait, the much anticipated Chumby has finally launched in the UK care of everyone’s favourite gadgeteers – Firebox!

Shaped like an early model TomTom – the Chumby is the device for you if you ever feel slightly nervous when away from a digital display for more than a few minutes. You can situate the touchscreen Chumby in places where you would normally be in danger from being away from your Facebook page or Twitter feed, e.g. a kitchen or bedroom (we would say toilet but as it’s mains only that may be slightly impractical).

Think of it as a ‘widget’ ripped from your monitor and placed inside a small form factor (roughly the same size as early generation TomTom sat nav devices). The Chumby gets it’s content via WiFi (so obviously you will need a wireless broadband router) and there’s a slew of available widgets (apps) to download for free onto the device (~1500 at the last count).

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Most popular social web sites have a Chumby widget, and with it new released in the UK expect the British developer community to step up interest in UK specific widgets. Some of the best widgets include ones for these services:


The Chumby can also function as a very sexy Internet radio player / alarm clock and has to be the most ‘huggable’ gadget ever made – lads, this would make a great present for the missus, like a new born baby, it just begs to be picked up and played with (and doesn’t cost a fortune in nappies!).


Overall – the Chumby is great if you have an Internet ‘blackspot’ in your house and just need to fill it with Yet Another Display that your wife will love love as much as you due to it’s undeniable cuteness.

Welcome to the UK, Chumby :-)

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