Best Price for Roth ALFiE

July 22, 2009


Having conquered the world of iPod Docks with the revolutionary RothDock – Roth Audio have returned with eyes on your kitchen (or bedroom) with the ALFiE.

OK – cute name, besides, what has this all-in-one system got?

First up – you can of course hook up your iPod and play your chunes through the integrated 2.1 amplifier of ALFiE, pumping out a total of 40 watts of sonic power as you go.

Alternatively – if you are more of an old school CD type of chap, you can happily feed ALFiE your discs and he will merrily play them like it’s 1985.

Still not convinced? Well – ALFiE also doubles up as a DVD player, yep, despite looking like a clock radio with obesity issues, there’s more than meets your initial eye. Give ALFiE a DVD and hook it up to your TV player for razor-sharp picture quality to go along with the great audio.

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Oh – and the clock radio thing? Yes – it also does that, and also has a built-in AM/FM radio so you can wake up to Bass in Your Face – not that tinny mono montrosity you have on your bedside table at the moment!

With an RRP of £400 ALFiE initially raised a few eyebrows, but by careful shopping around you can buy one for just around the £200-250 mark, which makes it a great, stylish solution for a secondary system.

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